Hey Fam!
This Is A Mini Note From Us To You

Welcome to Noody Tribes, we're passionate about the liberating sensation of oversized clothing, statement jewellery, sneakers, and different music genres like rap, hip-hop, R&B. We want everyone to experience the thrill of creating a look that goes beyond the ordinary, making a bold statement that resonates with your true self. We think what you wear is all about you - it's your confidence, your identity, and maybe even a chance for a whole new you.

Noody tribes is inspired by Melbourne and Rooted in Sri Lanka. Having witnessed the diverse and vibrant fashion scene on the streets of Melbourne, we're on a mission to bring that rich experience to the heart of Sri Lanka. Our goal is to make fashion more than just fabric – we want everybody to feel the pulse of the culture, to be open-minded, and to embrace their bold side.

Street Culture is always evolving. For us, street culture isn't just about following trends; it's a mindset. It's about how you see things and adapt to new fashion statements. It's a cool fusion of style and attitude that keeps unfolding. Join us in celebrating the fluidity of street culture, encouraging an open-minded perspective in every wardrobe choice. Fashion doesn't always have to make perfect sense. Sometimes, the outfits that might seem a bit out there can be the coolest ones. They give you that extra boost, and we're all about boosting your confidence. So, dive into Noody Tribes, where fashion is your personal journey, a celebration of being bold, and an invitation to embrace a new you. Be open-minded. Be bold. Be the real you.